DSOP Fund Annual Statement of Account for 2018-19 has been uploaded.
In case officers query is not settled through regular correspondence with the respective sections, officer may addressed their complaint to SAO (Tech) Complaint Cell Officer.
It has been clarified by HQrs office that, Gandhinagar city is to be treated at par for entitled officers with Ahmedabad for grant of House Rent Allowance and Transport Allowance. Officers posted to units located at Gandhinagar with effect from 01/04/2015 are eligilible to claim at revised rates. Accordingly, units may publish fresh Part II Orders duly cancelling the earlier Part II Order.
It has come to the notice of this office that fake call are being made by some individuals impersonating officials of the PCDA(O) to retired Army Officers and asking them to share their bank details and tell them to deposit money to get AGIF Bonus. All concerned kindly note that no officials from PCDA(O) make calls to Army Officers seeking the personal bank details or to deposit money in any bank account. Please inform immediately to this office in case any Army Officer receives such call with call details.
To ensure complete digitization, and to achieve cashless system, all officers are requested to book air tickets through Defence Travel System DTS, while performing journeys for Temporary Duty / Permanent Duty / Leave Travel Concession (LTC), available on pcdatravel.gov.in through your unit login. This would also lead to faster processing of TA/DA/LTC claims.
As per provisions of Note 4 under Rule 114-A TR "Officers may preferably stay in Circuit houses, Messes, Government Guest Houses, Inspection Bungalows etc., if they are available." Further in the light of QMGs instruction issued vide letter No. 43012/GR/LW&E/Qtr, dt. 22.03.2018 and letter No. 43012/Guest Rooms/LW&E/Qtr, dt. 13.04.2018 this office is requires Non-Availability of Govt. Accommodation Certificate for Temporary Duty moves. All officers to note that Temporary Duty claims, wherein officers are staying in hotels, must be supported with Certificate regarding Non Availability of Accommodation (NAC) issued by concerned Station HQrs / Cat A/B Institutions. NACs obtained from units at Temporary Duty Stations would not suffice the audit requirement. Temporary Duty Claims wherein officer(s) staying in Hotels will not be admitted without Non Availability Certificate from Station HQrs / Cat A / B Institution.
Statement of Accounts for the month Mar 2019 has been uploaded.
Officers are advised to activate their gov.in email IDs in order to facilitate uploading of monthly pay slip from PCDA (O), Pune. Additionally, officers are advised to update linked cell phone numbers which are registered with MS Branch (in Paramount Card).
The recovery of Income Tax made in Statement of Account of March 2019 will be factored-in in the Income Tax statement of ensuing Statements of Account to bring it in conformity with the provisions of Interim Budget 2019-2020.
Regarding Ad-hoc arrears:- 1. Payment of ad-hoc arrears on account of 7th CPC, has been made on 19-10-2016 to those personnel who were in service as on 01-01-2016 and continued to be in service upto the date of notification i.e. 10-10-2016. All Army officers including AMC,ADC,RVC and MNS officers ( except NCC,TA and Re-employed officers) , have been paid adhoc arrears for nine months after deducting Income Tax. 2.) For calculation of adhoc arrears, 10% of Basic Pay as drawn on 01-01-2016 (i.e. Pay in the Pay Band + Grade Pay +MSP +NPA ( as applicable)) + DA @125% has been taken into account.
PAN numbers may invariably be incorporated on Pay Claims. PAN numbers of TA officers embodied under Rule 21A and under Rule 33 may be furnished on priority.
Officers claiming interest on Home Loan has to provide the Name and PAN of the Lender immediately to this office for claiming rebate on the same
Submission of Aadhar No. is mandatory for notification of PPO. Please ensure submission of Aadhar No along with pension documents.
As per Dept.of Posts. Dte of PLI letter Dt.11-05-2016, percentage of Service Tax , Swachh Bharat Cess and Krishi Kalyan Cess wef 01-06-2016 are as follows: For the First Year : Service Tax 3.5%, Swach Bharat Cess - 0.12%, Krishi Kalyan Cess 0.12% ( Total - 3.74%) For Subsequent Years : Service Tax - 1.75% , Swachh Bharat Cess 0.06% , Krishi Kalyan Cess 0.06% (Total 1.87%)
Officers are requested not to respond / click the url / reply to email received in the name of PCDA(O) Pune with the following message "We are maintaining our Database please register or login our site and update your Details". The link "https://pcdaopune.gov.in" forwarded with the message diverts the user to a malicious page with fake domain-name. This is a phishing attempt. All users are, therefore requested not to open / click the link forwarded with the message. No such message has been forwarded by PCDA (O) Pune
Form 16 for the Assessment Year 2017-2018 has been uploaded.
The index of Rationalisaton (IOR) for level 12A and level 13 of Defence Pay Matrix shall be enhanced from 2.57 to 2.67 as per Govt. of India Min of Defence resolution No 1(6)/2016/D(Pay/Services) dated 22 June 2017. This will result in changes in Cell values of Pay Matrix of above mentioned levels. Gazette Notification on the same is awaited. Officers in category of level 12A and level 13 may exercise option within 180 days from the date of issue of Gazette Notification as and when it comes and not now.
With the issue of MoD ID No B/32006/Misc/AG/PS-2(a)/1269/2017-D(AG) dated 22/05/2017 , with effect from 01/05/2009, the minimum qualifying service for promotion to Substantive rank of Col has been revised to 15 Years for specialized cadres across the three services including AMC, ADC , RVC and MNS. All affected officers may publish Part II orders as per Documentation Procedure for Publication of Part II Order (Officers) 2014 for promotion to Substantive Col duly incorporating the certificate mentioned therein. Earlier Part II orders published for Substantive promotion after 20 years of Qualifying service, may be cancelled.
As per revised orders notified in GoI MoD letter No 1(23)/2017/D(Pay/Services) dated 15-09-2015, Children Education Allowance / Hostel Subsidy is to be claimed every year after the completion of the financial year duly enclosing a certificate from the head of the institution. Format of the certificate to be enclosed with the claim for CEA/Hostel Subsidy is available in download.
Clarification regarding grant of Additional Increment on Pay "On Bunching of stages" has been sought for, by the CGDA office from MoD / D(Pay/Services). On receipt of orders from MoD / CGDA, action will be taken for implementing Bunching of stages in the revised pay structure.
Officer to enclose cancelled cheque / copy of blank chequ along with Appendix 'A' to AO 24/2005 while notifying change of Bankers. Previous bankers should be closed only after the credit of salary in new bankers.
Govt. Sanction for grant of Highly Active Field Area Allowance has been received for the period wef 01st Jan 2018 to 31st Dec.2018. Units/Formations are advised to publish Part II Orders of entitled officers.
Clarification regarding Methodology on fixation of pay due to bunching of pay stages has been sought for , by the CGDA office from MoD/ D(Pay/Services). On receipt of the clarification, action will be taken for granting benefit of bunching in the revised pay structure.
Form 16 for Assessment Year 2018-19 , for Officers Retired From 1st Mar.2017 to 31st Mar.2018 has been uploaded and available in SpotLight Area under heading “Form 16 (For Officers Retired From 1st Mar.2017 to 31st Mar.2018)”
Part II Orders published without the SUS No. will not be accepted in audit with effect from 01st June 2016.
Officers are requested not to open any file/email attachment received in the name of PCDA(O) Pune regarding Verification of PAN; from the email-id; contact@pcdaopunegov.in; . No Such message has been forwarded by PCDA(O) Pune
PCDA(O) is not forwarding any link to officers email ids or mobile nos. Please do not click unauthorised links.
Journey dates as shown while drawing TA/DA advance and submitting final claim have been found to be in variance of more than 15 days in many cases. In these cases, officers are advised to give proper reasoning certificate duly signed by the CO of the unit to avoid rejection of the claim or unlinking of outstanding TA/DA advances.
Operation Hifazat has since been terminated w.e.f. 3-3-2015 vide MoD No.8(1)/97/D( Pay/Services ) dated 6-4-2015. Hence, field service concessions beyond 2-3-2015 are not admissible to the officers who are deployed on OP HIFAZAT. Counter signing authority is to mention name and personal number and appointment while signing documents which are to be sent to PCDA(O) office
This office is not sending any e-mail to Army Officers who are not registered with NIC or Gov
All officeres are requested to intimate their Cell Phone Nos to Army Hqr for issuance of NIC email IDs
Officers are requested to send DSOP FW/TW claims by post / online link made available. Fax copies are not acceptable in audit.
Officers are requested to send TA/DA Requistions through website
All officers are requested to use official NIC email id while communicating with this office
PCDA(O) is not forwarding any link either to officer's email ids or to mobile nos. Hence officers are advised not to respond to or click any such link even if it is received in the name of PCDA(O).
Officers who have obtained NIC or GOV email IDs are requested to forward their E-mail IDs on generalquery-pcdaopune@nic.in