Advances from AGIF


No. If sufficient balance at credit side in the IRLA is available, amount will be recovered and remitted to AG Fund, otherwise it will be the responsibility of officer to remit amount directly to AGI Dte.

You should approach AGIF Dte for any info in this regard. This office won't be able to guide you.

In case of the officers, who are retiring on superannuation/release from service, 4 instalments are recovered in advance. If you are retiring on superannuation/release from service, there is nothing unusual in this recovery. You need not worry, since there will not be any further recovery till your retirement/release.

Yes, IT rebate is available. But the officer will have to produce the documents for getting rebate, as is done in case of loan taken from other financial institutions.


Advances from AG's Branch

Motor Car Advance

Annual Increment

Annual Increment

As per 6th CPC 1st July is the uniform increment date for all employees.  However, in order to earn the increment on 01 July, there should be no change in the pay between 02nd Jan to 30th June.  On promotion to Lt. Col. there is a change in Pay Band i.e. PB-3 to PB-4 and Pay is fixed at minimum of PB-4 i.e. Rs 37,400/-.  In case promotion to the rank of Lt. Col. is between 02nd Jan to 30th June, one is not drawing Rs 37,400/- for a period of six months upto 01st July, hence no increment is due.     However, your next increment will be on 01st July next year.

BCA (Bhutan Compensatory Allowance)

BCA (Bhutan Compensatory Allowance)

BCA is not admitted on the Pt-II order. You have to forward the two certificates prescribed as per Appx A to AO 31/80 from the date of posting to HQ IMTRAT and six monthly certificate i.e. Appx B to AO 31/80 from the date of posting till completion of six monthly period ending on 30th June/31st December as the case may be, for admission of BCA. Six monthly certificate will be incorporated with the details of absence from that area on leave, TD etc. also for regulating the entitlements. You also need to send a certificate regarding employment of servant(s), signed by you and countersigned by competent authority, for claiming Servant Wages. 

It is taxable. However, Additional Foreign Allowance equivalent to the amount of Income Tax recovered is reimbursable in the last month of financial year. You may remind this office for it during first week of January.

On posting to HQ IMTRAT, Indian DA is not admissible. However, in lieu of Indian DA, you are entitled to get Bhutan Compensatory Allowance (BCA) . You need to send Appx A to AO 31/80 from the date of posting to HQ IMTRAT for claiming Bhutan Compensatory Allowance and also a certificate regarding employment of servant(s) for claiming Servant Wages.
In case Indian DA is being admitted by PCDA (O) with BCA inadvertently, please write back to PCDA (O).

The entitlement of Transport Allowance is within Indian Geographical areas with reference to the city classification at higher or lower rates. Hence it is not entitled while on your posting/deputation abroad.

The above FAQs are equally applicable for officers posted to Project DANTAK claiming BCA and also posted to Hqrs 756 BRTF, Myanmar claiming Myanmar Compensatory Allowance

CEA (Children Education Allowance)

CEA (Children Education Allowance)

No. Admissible for two classes below first standard and from first standard to 12th standard.

No ceiling. Amount is admissible as per the annual entitlement for entitled items. Please refer………..

CEA and Hostel subsidy are not paid concurrently. You may claim Hostel subsidy which includes re-imbursement of fees and other items prescribed for CEA, within prescribed limit. 

CEA and Hostel subsidy are not paid concurrently. You may claim Hostel subsidy which includes re-imbursement of fees and other items prescribed for CEA, within prescribed limit. 

Change in Personal Details

Unit Address
Bank Details

Change of bank details is acted upon only on receipt of Appx A to AO 24/05. We do not act upon POSIN Part II orders, e-mail, FAX, Request through our Website or simple letters. We cannot act upon the requests, where officer didn't attach cancelled cheque along with intimation for change of bankers. Please don't close your earlier Bank A/C before you get your Statement of Accounts reflecting the new banker.

Difficult Area Allowance

Difficult Area Allowance



Pay in the Pay Band + Grade Pay+ MSP+ NPA (if applicable)

6% of your Pay in Pay Band+ Grade Pay+ MSP+ NPA, if any applicable.

Whenever due to recovery of damage rent or TA/DA advance, the IRLA shows debit balance, PCDA (O) reduces the fund subscription to minimum. It will be restored on liquidation of Debit balance.

You can increase the rate of subscription maximum on two occasions and reduce on one occasion during the period from 1st of March to 28/29th of Feb.

Yes, you can get; but only once in your career, and that also during last 12 months of your service.

Since any particular month's salary is disbursed on the last working day of the month and DSOP Fund subscription is recovered from the salary on the same date, it is credited to the DSOP Fund Account in the following month i.e. when the amount is actually realized. Accordingly, recovery of DSOP Fund subscription from pay for June is credited to DSOP Fund in July and recovery made in July is credited in August and so on and so forth. This is also mentioned at Instruction No. 1 on the reverse of DSOP Fund Annual Statement. An inevitable consequence of it is that the Annual Statement of DSOP reflects the subscription from March to Feb (instead of normal financial year which is from April to March)

Yes, provided you have completed 15 years of service, subject to a maximum of Rs 1,10,000/- or 50% of balance accumulated or actual price of car whichever is less.

Only the change requests received up to 5th of the month get effect in that particular month. Requests received after 5th will take effect in the subsequent month.

Simple interest on the progressive total of each monthly blanace at the rate prescribed by Govt. for that year is calculated.  An example is shown below where Opening Balance for a year was Rs 29,06,905/-. Officer was contibuting Rs 10,000/- from April Rs 15,000/- from June and Rs 12,000 from December.  Officer has withdrawn Rs 5,00,000 in September and rate of Interest is 8.1% .  LIC Premium of Rs 15,000/- payable in the month of July funded from DSOP Fund.05


OP BAL 29,06,905



APRIL  10,000  0  0  10,000  0  0  0  0  29,16,905
MAY  10,000  0  0  10,000  0  0  0  0  29,26,905
JUNE  15,000  0  0  15,000  0  0  0  0  29,41,905
JULY  15,000  0  0  15,000  0  0  15,000  15,000  29,41,905
AUGUST  15,000  0  0  15,000  0  0  0  0  29,56,905
SEPT  15,000  0  0  15,000  5,00,000  0  0  5,00,000  24,71,905
OCTOBER  15,000  0  0  15,000  0  0  0  0  24,86,905
NOVEMBER  15,000  0  0  15,000  0  0  0  0  25,01,905
DECEMBER  12,000  0  0  12,000  0  0  0  0  25,13,905
JANUARY  12,000  0  0  12,000  0  0  0  0  25,25,905
FEBRUARY  12,000  0  0  12,000  0  0  0  0  25,37,905
MARCH  12,000  0  0 12,000  0  0  15,000  15,000  25,34,905
TOTAL 1,58,000  0  0  1,58,000  5,00,000  0  30,000  5,30,000  322,57,860


Formula: (TOT MON CL. BAL * % INT RATE)   322,57,860 x 8.1% :  2,17,741
    12   12    



 29,06,905  1,58,000  5,30,000  2,17,741  27,52,646


Electricity Charges & Water charges: Reimbursement

Electricity Charges & Water charges: Reimbursement

Electricity charges for first 100 units with meter charges and 50% of water charges are authorized for re-imbursement.

Encashment of Leave on LTC

Encashment of Leave on LTC

Yes. 60 days prior to the proposed date of journey based on Part II order and Format of application available on this office web site. In case of cancellation of journey, you will have to refund the amount immediately through MRO, in favour of PCDA(O), duly publishing PT II Order for the same.

Yes, you can claim leave encashment up to 10-days AL in a calendar year, subject to maximum 60 days during the entire service.

Yes, they are, provided not en-cashed 60 days on LTC in regular service.

Yes, provided there is minimum balance of 30 days accumulation at the credit after availing this encashment.

Officers can accumulate maximum annual leave up to 300 days for encashment and not more than that. If you avail 10 days leave encashment on LTC, from these 300 days accumulation and also avail 60 days annual leave, then you will be paid only 290 days leave encashment payment on retirement.

Entertainment Allowance/ Official Hospitality Grant

Entertainment Allowance/ Official Hospitality Grant

Only to officers holding the appointments notified in rule 147 Pay and Allowances Regulations (Officers) and under special Government orders.

Field Allowances

Field Allowances

These are the static units which act as supporting units for operations-
•  Military Hospitals
•  EME workshops
•  Supply Depots
•  Sub Area HQrs
•  Ordnance Depots
•  Engrs Work Section
•  High Altitude Warfare School
•  Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School
•  Ladhakh Scouts
•  Transit Camps

Field Allowance

No. Posting to Assam Rifles is treated as a peace posting. Hence CFAA/CMFAA is not admissible. However, SC (RL) Allowance is admitted, if otherwise admissible.

No. Only one allowance will be admissible to the officer at any particular time.

You might have proceeded on –
i.     AL or Course of Instruction. Fresh PT-II ORDER for re-grant of CFAA has to be published. 

ii.    An officer who is absent from the area for maximum period of 15 days in one or the more of the following circumstances shall continue to receive the allowances, provided he returns to the area in which the allowance is admissible.

When placed on sick list.
When on casual leave.
iii.    While on temporary duty exceeding three months.

Govt. Sanction for extending the payment of HAFA allowance is received for six monthly periods and communicated to officer through our website.  Part II order is to be published once sanction for the period is received.

Same as mentioned under Field Allowances except in CL .You might have been on CL for more than 14 days (including prefix/suffix). If so, fresh PT-II ORDER for re-grant of HAUCA has to be published.

OP Hifazat

Sanction to Op HIFAZAT for the grant of concessions mentioned in MoD letter dt 3rd Jun 97 is valid upto 02/03/2015 since the operation has been terminated from 03/03/2015.

Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance

Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance

Leh is listed in Part A Areas for special compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance. As such, you are entitled to draw SC (RL) A on fulfillment of other conditions.

Flying Allowance

Flying Allowance

No. The officer has to opt for the allowance beneficial to him.

As per Rule 164, Pay and Allowance Regulations (Officers), Flying Pay certificate is to be rendered at the end of each month. It has to be certified that the officer has made adequate use of flying facilities provided to him, and has maintained an acceptable level of proficiency or didn't have any facilities or opportunity to fly, but is capable of flying on return to flying duties. It is obvious that the allowance is based on many factors, which may change very fast. Therefore Pt-II order is to be published monthly. GOI, MOD letter no. 1/73/2008-D(Pay/Services) dated 09/02/2010 also states that it will be admissible on publication of Pt-II orders along with the certificate every month.

Yes, if the officer reports to the same unit or another flying unit on completion of course, and the resultant vacancy is not filled.

Furniture Hire Charges: Reimbursement

Furniture Hire Charges: Reimbursement

No, Re-imbursement of charges for own furniture is not admissible. In case of hired furniture, it is to be hired from approved dealers only.

Hazard Pay

Hazard Pay

Only the officers who are posted to Special Group

Home Leave Passage

Home Leave Passage

No, you can’t. These provisions are in r/o Army officers posted to Indian Missions (not UN Missions) abroad. The UN deputation is covered by the provisions contained in GoI, MoD letter No.17 (21)/2006/D(GS-I) dt. 24/08/2009. Please note that UN Mission is entirely different from Indian Missions abroad.

Hospitalization Period

Hospitalization Period

If you joined duty in F/N, total hospitalization period is 19 days; If you joined duty in A/N, total hospitalization period is 20 days. Since the period is less than 30 days, it will be regularized as Sick List Concession, provided the sickness was due to causes beyond your control.

If you do not join duty, within 30 days of date of hospitalization, and decide to go on leave, you don’t get sick-list concession. The entire period will be regularized against AL and sick leave.

If the hospitalization is up to 30 days, and regularized as Sick List Concession, your field allowances will stop on 15th day. Your HAUCA also stops on 14th day. If the hospitalization is not regularized as SLC, all the field allowances stop from the first day of hospitalization. Your Transport Allowance stops from the date of hospitalization in both the cases (SLC or no SLC). If the hospitalization period is regularized as SLC, the allowance is paid for the entire hospitalization period, but only after the re-grant Pt-II order is published. If the hospitalization is not regularized as SLC,the Transport Allowance is admitted for the period excluding the full calendar month(s) falling in that period, on publication of re-grant Pt-II order. Fresh Pt-II orders for grant of Field Allowances and Transport Allowance have to be published after any hospitalization.

Sick list concession is admissible up to 30 days only when falling sick while on duty or Casual Leave cannot be combined with any other kind of Leave. In present case Annual leave of 60 days will remain as it is and two days will be regularized by grant of Sick Leave.

An officer falling sick while on duty or on casual leave taken by it-self would be retained on the sick list for a period of 30 days or less. When the hospitalization period and the sick leave availed by the officer is more than 30 days, it will be adjusted as sick leave from date of admission to hospital debiting annual leave at the credit for year of hospitalization as against sick leave.

Hostel subsidy

Hostel subsidy

House Rent Allowance

House Rent Allowance

The cities/towns which are not covered by classification as 'X' or 'Y' are classified as 'Z' for purpose of HRA. Faizabad is classified as 'Z' town. You will get HRA @ 10% of (your Pay in Pay Band+GP+MSP+NPA).

No. HRA is admissible to unmarried officer only if he is incurring expenditure on rent for dependent family members.

No. In this case, Station ‘A’ becomes SPR for field posting. This SPR cannot be changed during the tenure of that field posting. Hence HRA for Station ‘B’ is not admissible. Also, HRA for station 'A' cannot be paid since family is not staying there.

HRA with reference to SPR is admissible only to officers posted to NCC units/BRO/ARO specifically listed as hard non-military stations. Officers posted to other units in that station will be entitled to get HRA for place of posting only and not for SPR.

No. The same is admissible only with house rent re-imbursement or Government accommodation not provided with these facilities.

As per documentation procedure, the Units should invariably publish Pt-II order to stop HRA. That's why PCDA doesn't stop HRA on the basis of other documents, like rent-bills. Please ask the unit authorities to publish Pt-II order.

No. Even though you are entitled for retaining the Government accommodation or claiming HRR for rented house (not for own house) for three months after retirement, you can’t get HRA after retirement.

Shifting of family and baggage to duty station in field is admissible only on allotment of married accommodation. Till that time, officer may keep his family at old duty station or send to home-town, SF accommodation station or SPR. As such, HRA for duty station in field due to non-availability of accommodation and family and baggage conveyance, even on permission of Station Commander is not covered under rules. Moreover, orders are silent on delegation of powers to Station Commander or any other authority to accord such sanction for shifting of family and baggage to field when no accommodation is available in the station.

No. HRA in such cases will be admissible only when officer and his family staying separately in the same station, due to service constraints and not due to personal reasons/convenience.  HRA can be admitted if the officer staying in a mess at the duty station and the family at some other station not in occupation of Govt. accommodation.

Since you have moved your family and baggage to the station in field at Government cost, duty station becomes SPR for your tenure in field. If you convey your luggage and family at your own cost to some other station for your own reasons during the tenure, all the entitlements regarding LTC and on subsequent posting etc. will be admitted with reference to the earlier SPR where family was taken at Government cost. You will not be entitled to claim HRA for the station where your family has been shifted subsequently.

Jammu, Udhampur, Srinagar, State of Assam and Tripura.  All places where counter insurgency in peace is admissible.

Income Tax

Income Tax

PCDA (O) is deducting the Income Tax on various allowances for a particular Financial Year strictly as per the IT Act 1961 as amended from time to time. The exemption on Field Allowances up to the limits is being admitted as per IT Act.

No, You are not entitled for it. It is admissible to officers posted to  Indian Missions abroad (like IMTRAT Bhutan, Project Dantak Bhutan and not the UN Missions), Indian Embassies and High Commissions. Additional Foreign allowance is not admissible to officers on posting to UN Missions abroad as they are paid Overseas Allowance and not Foreign Allowance. Please note that UN Mission is entirely different from Indian Missions abroad.

Yes, Leave Encashment on LTC is taxable income .However encashment of accumulated annual leave at the time of retirement /release is not taxable.

All matters related to IT have to be handled by the I.T. Department. This office deducts Income tax from Salary as DDO on behalf of the I.T. Department.Any tax refund or exemption etc will be given by the IT Department through its offices spread all over country. Once tax has been deducted and intimated to the I.T. Department, this office can do nothing in I.T. matters.

No, they are not exempted from IT. Only the amount of Gallantry Award is exempted from the Income Tax and not the entire salary.

Yes, you can claim IT rebate. Even if you got the education loan for your spouse, or children, you can get IT rebate, based on the certificate issued by Bank/Financial Institution.

You should obtain a Provisional Certificate from the bank, indicating the principal and interest thereon. This certificate along with the following details should be submitted to PCDA(O) at the time of submission of saving proof:

Date of Loan taken.
Amount of Loan
Date of completion/possession of house
Whether house is self occupied or is let out?

Yes. In case of payment of pre-EMIs interest, the exemption will have to be claimed after completion of house, spreading it in 5 years. The amount of pre-EMI interest and interest payable for that year considered for rebate together will be within limit of Rs 1.5 lakhs.

Instructional Allowance

Instructional Allowance

No, Instructional Allowance is not admissible for each and every training establishment. The training establishments where, it is admissible are enumerated in the GOI letter no.1(26)/97/VI/D(Pay/Services) dated 29.02.2000, as amended.

Instructional Allowance will be admitted on the basis of authorization by the Head of the establishment. Certificate to this effect has to be furnished along with the Part II Order.

Joining Time

Joining Time

Yes, but annual leave should precede joining time. For any clarification regarding joining time, you may ask the doubts to your executive authorities only.



Sick Leave

Six months including annual leave due, with full pay and allowances. Period of six months to be reduced by annual leave availed in that year and thereafter furlough rates of pay for 3 months at a time, based on medical board recommendations, if there is reasonable prospects of officer becoming fit and joining for duties. This period of furlough rates of pay will not affect the entitlement of furlough leave for cycle of 3 years.

Sick leave will be admissible at the rate of one month for every year of the period of reemployment. It may be taken during any time of reemployment. It will not include annual leave due. Sick list concession is however not admissible.

Annual Leave

Yes, it can be carried forward, if officer is posted in UN Mission. But if officer is on Secondment to DPKO, leave earned while on Secondment period can’t be carried forward, or encashed. 

Officers retiring on 31st January can avail 30 days annual leave provided it is sanctioned by executive authority.

Yes, annual leave of current year can be continued in the next year provided the leave commenced in current year.

No, annual leave admissible is 30 days in a calendar year for re-employed officer.  However, officer who had already availed of full quantum of annual leave in the year of their re-employment during their previous engagement will not be eligible for the grant of any more annual leave in that calender  year of re-employment.

Furlough Leave

No, you can avail total 60-day furlough in a three year furlough-cycle. The first furlough-cycle begins from year of your Commissioning.

Study Leave

If mandatory service period after reporting from study leave is not completed before you proceed on premature retirement, entire pay and allowances including HRA, all kind of reimbursements, LTC etc will be required to be refunded to PCDA(O) even if the shortfall in service is for one month. No proportionate recovery is applicable. The service for study leave will be non-qualifying service for pay, promotion and pension. Annual increments, time-scale and substantive promotion, if any adjusted considering that period will be revised suitably. You may also not be entitled to pension if your service after deducting this non-qualifying service worked out to be less than 20 years.

Paternity Leave

Yes, Paternity Leave of 15 days admissible on birth of child or adoption of child w.e.f. 15.01.2016

Maternity Leave

No, that condition is applicable for 30 days special maternity leave on full pay in case of miscarriage / abortion. Only condition regarding Maternity leave is that it is admissible twice during the entire service.

It is to be availed in one go. No provisions exist to avail it in spells.

If Maternity Leave is granted in conjunction with Annual Leave and/or Furlough Leave and/or EOL, Annual Leave should be published first, followed by casualty for Maternity Leave, Furlough Leave and EOL should be published in the end.

Grant of any kind of leave is the prerogative of the executive authorities. The condition of performing minimum one day leave in the calendar month for being entitled to get annual leave has been dispensed with.

Child Care Leave

All women officers of Defence Services including MNS officers are entitled for CCL.

Login Problems

Login Problems

You have to apply for log in ID to this office .This office will Allot and intimate the same to IHQ of MoD (Army) who will upload it on Army INTRANET.

For this advance, please send requisition by FAX on No.020-26453446. Then forward certificate copy of Part II order notifying the detail of your marriage, by name to SAO, T Wing Section for updating their records.

Please send requisition this time on FAX No.020-26453446 and also submit certified copies of documentation already forwarded to PCDA (O) for correcting records now.



Monetary benefits are entitled for Gallantry awards viz. Param Vir Chakra, Ashoka Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra for commissioned officers, on notification of Pt II order along with copy of draft gazette notification and not for Medals except Sena Medal awarded for Gallantry.

Medical Reimbursement

Medical Reimbursement

No. PCDA (O) deals with claim for re-imbursement of medical charges for OPD treatment only. Claims for indoor treatment are to be submitted to Regional CsDA, i.e. PCDA(CC), PCDA(WC) etc. within whose jurisdiction the location of the unit falls.

Yes. Their monthly income should not exceed the income limit prescribed from time to time, at present it is Rs.3500/-.

Para Allowance/Special Force Allowance

Para Allowance/Special Force Allowance

Please check that your unit has published the PT-II Order after completion of Para Refresher Course. The DOII should be published each Para-year after completion of Para Refresher Course for that training year.

No, Para Allowance is not admissible in Non-Para Units. However Para Reserve Pay admissible subject to the fulfillment of other conditions laid down.

No, Special Force Allowance is not admissible in Non-Para Units. It is admissible only to 1,2,3,4,9,10,11,12 and 21 Para Commando Unit.

Pay Fixation

Pay Fixation

If you have not completed qualifying service (QS) for the rank, you are entitled for higher Grade Pay of promoted rank only. However in case you have completed qualifying service for grant of promoted rank in substantive capacity, then you are entitled to promotion increment in Basic Pay as well.



On the date of your promotion, you have been given the grade pay as per your substantive rank, but increment was not given to you for sake of your own benefit. Had your pay been fixed from 1st of March, you would have missed the Annual Increment on 1st of July, because on 1st of July, you wouldn’t have completed 6 months in the new rank. Now you have been given annual increment on 1st of July, and then you have got the increment also on a/c of your promotion. This system is beneficial to all the officers, who get promotion between 2nd of Jan and 30th of Jun, and remain in the same pay band.

One of the following might be the reason for this:

    Substantive Promotion (For select Ranks)
    (1)     Copy of IHQ of MOD(Army)/DGAFMS letter approving the Sub.     Promotion not received in PCDA(O), 
(1)    Certificates as per Documentation Procedure not found with PT-II ORDER

Substantive Promotion (For Non- select Ranks)

Copy of IHQ of MOD(Army)/DGAFMS letter approving the Sub. Promotion not received in PCDA(O),



Documents to be sent to different Sections of this office

I)     The list of the papers to be sent to ‘Pension Cell’ (all in duplicate.):

a) Application for retiring pension/retiring gratuity and retirement gratuity ‘Appx A (para 6 of your Brochure issued by AG's Br AHQrs on the subject)

b) Application for commutation of pension. (Appx A Annexure I) (para 5 of Brochure)

c)Form of declaration for commutation of anticipatory/provisional pension. (Appx A- Annexure II) (para 5 of the Brochure)

d) Two copies of Joint Photographs with spouse duly attested by another commissioned officer- (refer instruction No 8 to Appx A for filing retiring pension application.)

e) Descriptive Roll of the spouse in duplicate (specimen enclosed for incorporating in the Brochure).

f) Release Medical Examination Report for the purpose of commutation of pension which is not finding a place in the present Brochure.

g) Nomination of Life Time Arrears for pension through AG’s Branch.

II)     Documents which should be marked to concerned ‘Ledger wing’ sections:

a)AGIF Claim in terms of Appx ‘G’ SAO 5/S/78. Appx F (refer to para 27 of the Brochure) 

b) Part II office order showing year wise break up of the leave accumulated for leave encashment payment. 

c) Information to be furnished by the officer 8 months prior to his retirement (Appx A Annexure V of the Brochure).

d) Application for final settlement of DSOP Fund (Appx B) (para 15 of the Brochure)

e) Contingent Bill for payment of DSOP Fund signed by the officer and countersigned by the O.C. of the last unit mentioning therein the date of retirement, CDA A/C Number and bankers duly affixing the revenue stamp.

For all the documents mentioned at Sl No I and II above, separate envelopes should be prepared and forwarded to PCDA(O)in one cover duly marking on the top of the cover ‘Pension papers’. It should be addressed to:


You should submit the claim to your last unit. PCDA(O) can't accept the claims directly from the officers. The claim should be countersigned by the unit authorities and submitted to PCDA(O) for audit and payment.

If the officer doesn’t completes the mandatory service period after completion of courses listed in AO 17/05, and applies for pre-mature retirement/release, he will be required to refund proportionate cost of training for remaining contractual period, through MRO before release from service.

You can get commutation up to 50% of your pension

PPO means Pension Payment Order issued by the PCDA (Pension) Allahabad.

Qualification Pay

Qualification Pay

Qualification Grant and Technical Allowance

Qualification Grant and Technical Allowance

Officer should acquire the listed qualification in MoD letter dated 25 Jun 10 either on detailment by IHQ of MoD (Army) or on study leave.

Full amount of Qualification Grant admitted to officer released/retired/prematurely retired from service will be recovered in case he does not complete 5 years of service after returning from course. 

No orders exist for proportionate recovery of Qualification Grant for period less than five years. However, Cost of Training will be recovered proportionately for unserved contractual period in case the course is listed in A.O. 17/95.

No. Qualification Grant is not admissible for any basic qualification required for entry for commission /qualification acquired prior to the commission.

No. Only one monetary benefit will be admissible. Qualification Grant admitted on completion of those courses will be recovered at the time of admitting flying allowance.

The change in nomenclature requires to be notified and intimated to PCDA(O) by DGMT, MT-10 being the nodal agency for the addition/deletion of courses with approval of competent authorities. Training Institutes conducting the courses may take up the matter with DGMT, MT-10 as and when such nomenclatures are changed so that officers' claims submitted on completion of such courses may not get rejected.

Ration Allowance

Ration Allowance

Ration Money Claims are passed by the Regional Controllers, not by the PCDA (O). Your claim must have been returned to your unit.

 1     When an officer moves on LRC (Last Ration drawn certificate) from duty station, stays in Army Mess at temporary duty station, full food bill to be reimbursed without deducting ration money, subject to the conditions that sum of ration money and the amount reimbursed should not exceed officer’s food entitlement.
 2     When the officer stays in Hotel. If the officer submits a certificate duly countersigned by CO/OC Unit that the officer has not drawn any ration in kind/cash from duty station as well as temporary duty station, the food bills may be restricted to his entitlement, without deducting ration money from the food bills.
 3     If officer’s movement order does not have specific mention about LRC/SORS and stays in hotel, food bills after deducting ration money may be reimbursed within the entitlement.

Ration money is not deducted from accommodation charges if officer submits a certificate from unit authorities for non drawal of ration from duty station and temporary duty station also. The ration money cannot be claimed from regional CDA, if deducted by PCDA

If the officer submits a certificate duly countersigned by the OC/CO of the Unit that the officer has not drawn any ration in kind/cash from duty station as well as temporary duty station, the food bills are restricted to his entitlements without deducting the ration money from the food bills. 
When an officer moves on LRC (Last Ration drawn certificate) from duty station, stays in Army Mess at temporary duty station, full food bill is to be reimbursed without deducting Ration money, subject to the conditions that sum of Ration money and the amount reimbursed should not exceed officer’s food entitlement.

If the officer submits a certificate duly countersigned by the OC/CO of the Unit that the officer has not drawn any ration in kind/cash from duty station as well as temporary duty station, the food bills are restricted to his entitlements without deducting the ration money from the food bills.

Selected Place of Residence (SPR)

Selected Place of Residence (SPR)

Officers posted to Field/ concessional areas are permitted to retain family accommodation at the old duty station or to move the family at Selected place of residence (SPR).
1.     SPR is a selected place of residence any where in India where a married officer desires to move his family, baggage and car on his field posting.
2.     SPR may be his hometown, any SF accommodation station or any selected station in India.
3.     Married officer has to declare SPR within two months from date of posting. The period can be extended for one month with the permission of Station Commander.
4.     SPR has to be declared in a prescribed format (.pdf format available for downloading) and to reach PCDA (O) in duplicate.
5.     If SPR is not declared within time, the old duty station becomes SPR for that field posting.
6.     SPR once opted is final and even for genuine reasons also, it cannot be changed with or without permission of CO/OC unit or Station Commander.
7.     Officer is entitled for conveyance of baggage, car and family to SPR at Government cost.
8.     Officer can move his family, baggage and car to duty station in field only on allotment of Government married accommodation.
It may be from old duty station to the duty station in field area on allotment of Government married accommodation.
If the Government married accommodation is allotted after the officer's shifting of family and baggage to his SPR, the one time concession is also admissible to shift the family and baggage from SPR to duty station in field at Government cost under Rule 85 A TR.
9.     If he moves his family to duty station in field, with or without sanction of CO/OC unit or Station Commander in anticipation of allotment of accommodation, he is not entitled to get conveyance of family, baggage, car to duty station in field. He is also not entitled to claim HRA for that station. Further, the LTC entitlement of family and conveyance of baggage, car and family on next posting will be restricted from the SPR earlier opted and not from duty station in field.

On your field posting, you have to declare your selected place of residence within 2 months period from date of posting. This period may be extended to three months with sanction of Station Commander. The information may reach PCDA (O) within prescribed format (format available in pdf.format for download). In your case, since you have not declared your SPR within prescribed period, your old duty station becomes your SPR. So now your claim for sending family and baggage to home town will not be admitted by PCDA (O).

No. Conveyance of family, baggage and car to duty station in field at Govt cost is admissible only on allotment of Govt accommodation and not in any anticipations etc. Govt orders do not provide for entitlement of HRA for that station in such cases. Govt orders are silent regarding delegation of powers to CO/OC unit or Station Commander of Station HQrs etc. , for according sanction to officers to bring family and baggage to duty station in field in anticipation of allotment of accommodation. Moreover, you may not get HRA for previous duty station also because your family is not actually residing at that station.

SSC Officers

Strategic Forces Allowance

Strategic Forces Allowance

Re-imbursement of Stationery Grant/Telephone Bill

Re-imbursement of Stationery Grant/Telephone Bill

This office is not dealing with Stationary grant. You are requested to claim the same from Regional CDA or PCDA (HQrs), as the case may be. You may refer to the MoD/MS Br AHQrs/DGAFMS letter under which your detailment for course has been sanctioned. The letter ibid may have the mention about an authority admitting these claims.

PCDA (O) is not dealing with reimbursement of telephone bills. You may refer to the Regional controller, under whose jurisdiction your unit falls, since the subject matter is dealt with by them.

Re-imbursement of Newspapers

Re-imbursement of Newspapers

PCDA(O) is not dealing with reimbursement of newspaper bills. You may refer to the Regional controller since the subject matter is dealt with by them.

Travelling Allowances

TA/DA/LTC General

Your husband naturally is part of your family. He is entitled to all facilities given by the Govt to your family members provided he is not availing similar facilities from his Govt employer . There is no requirement to prove dependency; and there is no income criteria.

Please obtain a certificate from the concerned Airlines indicating the travel details, like name of passenger, date of journey, class of accommodation, Seat no., amount paid etc. and submit to PCDA(O) and resubmit the claim.

Yes, you will get cancellation charges in full, if the tickets were for official duty, i.e permanent posting or Temporary Duty. Tatkal charges are also admissible as well. You have to attach a certificate under 44(A) TR. The certificate should state that the journey was cancelled due to official reason, and be signed by your controlling authority

No, the amount will not be automatically recovered from your salary. You should immediately refund the amount through MRO in favour of PCDA (O) Pune only MRO Code of PCDA(O) is 4021000009 and forward immediately with a copy of requisitions. In fact, if you don't refund this amount immediately, it will be recovered with penal interest.

Change of station/home address can be made once in a service time. This being an administrative issue, you may refer to service HQrs through your staff channel, for detailed procedure and orders.

Air Travel

No, Tickets are to be booked through website or offices of Indian Airlines, or M/s Balmer Lawrie, or M/s Ashoka Travels, or IRCTC. Officers can book tickets on the website of M/s Balmer Lawrie and Co Ltd (http : //www.balmerlawrie.com/) by using their debit/credit cards and get printout. Service tax, Education cess charged by them is also reimbursed. In case Ministry of Civil Aviation has permitted an officer to travel by private airlines (airlines other than Air India), the officer can book air ticket from the website of the airline, he is traveling with. Please remember tickets booked through Private travel Agents cannot be reimbursed. This office has come across TA/DA claims where air tickets have been booked through Travel Agents, claiming them to have been authorized by the PCDA(O). It is for the information of all the Army Officers that this office has no authority to authorize any Travel Agent for booking tickets for Army Officers.

All Commissioned Officers (including MNS officers) of Indian Army are entitled to travel by Air. The exception is that the officers joining first duty station after commission shall travel on warrant as per Rule 64 of TR 2014 Edition.

No. Officers should buy cheapest economy ticket available on date of booking. Reimbursement of full fare ticket, when officers avail companion ticket at additional cost, is not admissible in audit.

DOPT letter No. F No. G-14019/2/13-Cash dated 07/10/2014

Pay Level in Pay Matrix 14 and above - Business/Club Class by Air

No. Journey up to that station to be performed by authorized mode and class of accommodation. Fare of private airlines is not admissible.

Re-imbursement of airfare lower than the LTC 80 airfare of Air India will be admissible for journey performed by Air India under LTC provided purchase of ticket is through agents / website authorized by Govt.

Yes, officers and their family can travel by private airlines to J and K on LTC as per Govt. Orders issued from time to time and at present it is valid upto 25/09/2015. Please make sure that tickets are to be booked through Govt authorized agents only.

No. This concession is available to officers posted in A and N Islands and visiting mainland on LTC.  As per Rule, officer has to perform journey by shortest route

No. officers serving in North East Region only are permitted to travel by private airlines on temporary duty or permanent move.

On official as well as LTC travel, journey by Air India is mandatory. There is no comparison of fare between Indian Airlines and other Airlines. You have to buy the cheapest fare ticket for same flight of Indian airlines. Travel by private airlines is admissible provided relaxation sanction from Min. of Civil Aviation is accorded/for the specified sectors where Govt relaxation to travel by Private Airlines is permitted.

As per 6th CPC orders, the officers of all rank are entitled to travel by air on duty journey and LTC by economy class. Officer’s entitlement on permanent duty is from old duty station to new duty station via direct shortest route. Therefore in case of field posting, the officer is entitled for air fare from old duty station to new duty station and family is entitled for air fare from old duty station to SPR, if all other conditions fulfilled.

177A - 
Officer and his/her family can visit hometown (from duty station) every year. The concession is available to the dependent parents, even if they are staying at station other than the duty station of the officer.
Officer and family can visit anywhere in India (from duty station) once in a block of two years. Block is counted from odd to even year, e.g. 2013-2014. But during that year, officer and family have to visit the same destination (hometown or anywhere in India) in a particular year, under this clause.
If family visits the officer to his duty station in field, by availing LTC under Rule 177B, the officer loses his entitlement of 177B. The concession is available only to the officer, spouse and children and not to the dependant parents etc
In case, the officer and family avail LTC under Rule 177 B TR, they can not visit hometown during that year. 
Married officers posted to field / operational area can visit their family at SPR (Selected place of residence which can be old duty station or home town or any separated family accommodation station or any other station in India) where the family is actually staying.
This concession is admissible to the officer only, in lieu of LTC under Rule 177A. When officer avails this concession, his family can visit hometown under Rule 177A from SPR.
Additional Warrant for LTC:-
Officers, who are posted in field and have kept the family at home town/old duty station/SPR/SFA station are entitled for additional LTC for visiting hometown/SPR. This is in addition to his/her entitlement under Rule 177A/177B/177C.Though it is authorized as an Additional Warrant, the officer can perform journey by air also.

(1)     Under Rule 177C and by using facility of additional warrant, the officer posted in field / operational areas can visit his SPR twice in a year, but in that case he will lose his entitlement under Rule 177A (hometown LTC).
(2)     An unmarried officer posted in field also is entitled to visit hometown using facility of additional warrant. Thus he can visit his hometown twice (once under Rule 177A then under Rule 177C).
(3)     If the officer posted in field/ concessional area as well as his family decides to go to some another place under Rule 177B, in this case the officer has to start his journey from his duty station, while the family starts from hometown/SPR.
(4)     Return journey of the family under LTC should be completed within 6 months from onward journey.


LTC (Leave Travel Concession)

No, they cannot, if the duty station is not the hometown of officer. As per Sixth Pay Commission orders, parents of officer staying with or away from the officer are entitled to visit only hometown under Rule 177 (A) TR.

No. LTC under Rule 177 (B) TR is admissible only to spouse and children of the officer.

Travelling charges for travelling within city limits are not admissible on LTC. LTC covers fare and ONLY fare between the SPR/duty station and the leave-destination.

No. Though the child studying in hostel can get LTC to duty station/SPR, this concession under rule 177 is not in addition to LTC under Rule 177 (A) or (B) TR. Only one LTC can be availed in a calendar year.

No. Though it will be treated as LTC under TR Rule 177(A) (iii), it will not affect your eligibility to travelling concession (LTC) under 177(A) or 177(B).

LTC of family will be admitted under Rule 177 (B) TR, if otherwise admissible and title of LTC of the officer will lapse. His title for additional LTC to visit SPR/Home town will remain intact.

Yes, except the year in which LTC under 177(B) availed.

In fact you made a mistake by not mentioning this last portion of your journey in your claim itself. Even though you could not claim or get anything for this last portion of your journey, you should have shown this journey clearly in your contingent bill. For LTC you should now resubmit your claim with the clarification.

No. You cannot. Actually you have availed Hometown LTC by visiting hometown on Government expenses. While availing the hometown LTC, you might have travelled by air, train or any other Government transport.

You have to start your journey from Delhi (your duty station) only, and travel directly (shortest route) to the declared leave destination. However you can break your journey enroute. But fare will be restricted to direct shortest route or actual expenditure whichever is less.

No, Railway warrant under 177B is not admissible for the officer's family. However fare paid for your family's journey as per your entitlement by authorized mode of conveyance from New Delhi to Nainital will be reimbursed by this office. 

No, you can't travel by taxi even on shared basis. You can travel only by public transport, that in this case will be bus run by state / central transport.

No, On LTC you can't travel by any bus, being private vehicle, run by private operators.

Since they are authorized free railway warrant to visit family before reporting for duties, no separate LTC is entitled under Rule 177(A) again in the first year of commission. However, if this concession not availed, based on certificate from IMA/OTA, LTC under Rule 177(B) TR can be availed.

An officer can claim one way fare under Rule 177(B) TR for his newly married wife for her journey from his home town to the peace station where the officer is serving. No reimbursement is admissible for baggage/scooter or car conveyed by the wife.
The above provisions are equally applicable to the officers serving in field/modified area and allotted Govt. Married accommodation consequent on marriage.

Yes. Your family can avail LTC, under 177-B TR, to visit your Duty Station, but your title under 177 (B) TR will lapse.

Yes. LTC is authorized during casual leave. 

The additional warrant to visit the family at SPR/Hometown while on posting to concessional area, is a concession authorized to married as well as single officers. This is in addition to the entitlement of LTC under Rule 177A/B/C TR as the case may be. Journey can be performed by air also. 

As per TR Rule 177 (D), an officer on study leave is entitled to avail LTC to anywhere within India OR to hometown, subject to the condition that the reimbursement will be limited to fare admissible for travel between last duty station to any place in India/hometown or actual expenditure whichever is less.

Yes, you can avail LTC to visit Portblair in lieu of Home Town.  At present the concession is admissible upto 26/09/15.

You can send up to 2000 Kg + your vehicle to your hometown (hometown as per your service document). You can take up to 100 Kg to your duty station. You can carry this 100 Kg only on Warrant which will be included in the 2000 Kg entitlement.

Permanent Move and CTG

If you carry 6000 Kg from a place to another you are paid Rs 45/Km (as per road distance). But if both the place of origin as well as place of destination are Z class cities, the rate per Kilometer will be Rs 27/-. If the luggage is less than 6000 Kg, you will be paid proportionately. These rates are applicable wef 1/1/2014.

RMA is admissible at the rate of originating station, notified by RTO and published in station order by Station Hqrs.
    In case your claim is restricted by PCDA(O) to pre-revised rates, officers may in their own interest take up the matter with respective STATION HEADQUARTERS THROUGH THEIR STAFF CHANNELS, for publishing the station order for revised rates as per notified rates of RTO, rather than complaining against PCDA(O).

You are entitled to:
Travelling on warrant from your Academy/hometown to your new duty station (air travel not admissible)
CTG only if you get commission from Ranks.
You have to mention in your Permanent Duty claim that you have got commission from Ranks. 

You can transport up to 2000 Kg + your vehicle from your hometown/SPR  to your new duty station. You can take up to 100Kgs from Field to New Duty Station on Warrant which will be included in the 2000 Kg entitlement. But you can carry this 100Kg only on Warrant. You can also convey 4000 Kg baggage from old duty station in peace from where posted to field unit , if it was stored in a Depot on your posting to field.

You can transport up to 6000 Kg + your vehicle from your old duty to new duty station.

You can transport up to 6000 Kg + your vehicle from your hometown/SPR to your new duty station. You can also take up to 100 Kg from field to your new duty station. But you can carry this 100 Kg only on Warrant and this 100 Kg will reduce your 6000 kg entitlement to only 5900 Kg. You cannot take this 100 Kg by Air.

No, you can't claim separately. Though both of you can claim, aggregate entitlement remains restricted to 6000Kg. However each can claim for transportation of his/her car separately.

Yes, you will get fare for yourself, subject to submission of- (1) NAC for the time-point of your joining the new duty station, (2) allotment of accommodation letter.

For Single officer posted from field/modified Field to peace area, entitlement of baggage is only 100 Kgs on warrant. The officer may covey 1/3rd baggage i.e. 20 qtls. from Hometown and balance 2/3rd baggage from Depot of last duty station in peace, if any kept and submit receipt from depot with the claim.

Elements of pay for CTG
Pay in the Pay Band
Grade Pay
NPA, if any
Please note that nothing other than above mentioned elements is part of CTG. Therefore DA, Technical Pay etc. should not be claimed as CTG. For officers in the pay scales of Apex scale and COAS scale, basic pay means pay in the prescribed scale. Packing charges, fare from residence to Airport / Railway station in old duty station and fare from Airport / Railway station to residence at new duty station is not admissible. Since these expenses are subsumed in CTG.

Full CTG is admissible to all officers irrespective of marital status.

One-third CTG is admissible:
i.     For transfer within same station (or to a station which is at a distance of less than 20 km), if change of residence is involved
No CTG is admissible:
i.     For transfer within same station (or to a station which is at a distance of less than 20 km), if no change of residence is involved.
ii.     For the officers, who stay in the Mission for 1 year or less are not entitled for CTG on posting to the UN Mission

‘Same station/city’ means area falling within the jurisdiction of the Municipality or Corporation, including such of Suburban Municipalities, notified areas, or Cantonments which are contiguous to the above named municipalities and within the limits of Urban Agglomeration.

The Composite Transfer Grant shall be paid at the rate of 80% of the last month's basic pay in case of transfer involving a change of station located at a distance of or more than 20 Kms from each other.

Yes, but only those who stay in the Mission for more than 1 year are entitled for CTG on posting to the UN Mission. They can claim this CTG only after Govt Sanction for the tenure of more than one-year in the Mission is available.

Yes, but sending your family in advance will be at your own risk and if the order for the move are changed or cancelled subsequently, compensation or conveyance for return journey of the family will not be admissible. However, competent authority, if satisfied that the officer did not dispatch baggage unduly in advance of his own move as originally ordered, can sanction refund of actual cost of conveyance at goods train rate of quantity of baggage within authorized scale where change or cancellation of move is involved on administrative grounds.

No, Officer's family can proceed or follow the officer provided that the journey is undertaken within six (6) months from the date of officer’s move on permanent duty. In special cases, competent authority may give sanction under Rule 16 (h) TR up to a period of one year, if he is satisfied that the circumstances are such as to justify the concession.

CTG, Conveyance of baggage and conveyance of vehicle is admissible only in the event of Pmt. posting to new duty station in terms of R 67 TR. Therefore since you are moved to new station on study leave, no CTG, Conveyance of baggage and conveyance of vehicle is admissible.

Temporary Duty Move

(a)    Reimbursement of journey fare is to be claimed by the officer from concerned T Wing Section. Officer can draw advance for the same from concerned T Wing section and submit adjustment claim also to T wing section individually.
(b)     However, the Commandant of Cat A and B Training Institute should draw advance from Course DA Group of PCDA (O), for accommodation charges, food bills and conveyance charges at course station, for all course participants in a consolidated manner and also submit adjustment bills to the said group for all course participants after completion of course, since advances are drawn from Course DA Group.
(c)     Requisitions for fare on account of study tours during the course and adjustment bills for the same will be submitted by the Comdt, Training Institute in a consolidated manner to Course DA Group of PCDA(O) and not individually to concerned T wing sections.

You will get only one way fare up to/from the TD station. However if you prefix/suffix CL to your TD, your fare entitlement doesn't get affected.

This journey will be treated as normal TD, and your entitlement will be regularised accordingly.

No. The family can visit you on Govt expenses, only when your course is 90 days or more. Your family should start journey only either from your duty station or from your SPR, as the case may be.

Min. of civil aviation has issued relaxation sanction for journey on temporary duty/permanent move due to exigencies of work, in sector Delhi-Leh-Delhi. However, officers may preferably avail the services of Indian airlines in this sector. Further, for journey on official duties, separate sanction of ministry of civil aviation and certificate non-availability of flights etc for Indian airlines is not required. his relaxation is not available for LTC.
here is no dispensation regarding booking of air tickets through Official websites and Offices of respective air lines, authorized private agents and IRCTC. 

TA/DA on TDs for attending functions of raising day etc. is not admissible for reimbursement.

The basic audit requirement here is as to whether any public interest has been served when journey performed by own vehicle while proceeding on temporary duty. The claim is admissible only when proper sanction of competent authority, i.e. GoC-in-C Command is accorded for the same.
Hotel Rent/Accommodation charges while on Temporary Duty.

 1     TA/DA claims for incidental charges while on proceeding abroad    PCDA (O) Pune may sanction the advance and deal with the adjustment claims there to.
 2     Ex-India Posting claims    PCDA (O) may sanction the advance and claims to be dealt with by PCDA (O), Pune.
 3     Ex-India claims regarding Deputation/Long Term courses/Joint Exercises etc.    To be dealt with by PCDA HQrs. New Delhi

Issuance of Air Warrants for official duties abroad will be regulated by PCDA (HQrs), New Delhi as per the practice in vogue, as mentioned at Para 242 and 243 of Defence Audit Code.

Pay Revision Cell

Pay Revision Cell

Since there is no change in last pay as per revised and pre revised pay, issue of revised LPC is not required.

Amendment to LPC has been issued by this office in all such cases where last pay drawn has changed. Please communicate with O/o PCDA(P) in this matter.

In all such cases where last pay drawn has increased due to pay revision, please liaise with O/o PCDA(P) for issue of corrigendum PPO.

Difference in amount of arrears may occur due to Date of promotion, date of retirement, date of increment, date of Acting/substantive Promotion, ante date, Furlough leave, option certificate submitted at the time of pay fixation etc.  Officers are requested to take up the matter regarding error found in their own due drawn statement instead of comparison with other officers.

A detailed comparative service particulars of both of the officer may please be communicated routed through AHQ , duly incorporating Name, IC No, CDA A/C No, Corps, Commission date, Antedate, Promotions details (both Acting and substantive), Reversion from acting promotion , date of increments, proponent of increment,  furlough and AWL , date of retirement, date of reemployment, promotion during reemployment, date of release etc. to examine the case.

Forward duly filled banker updation Form along with the documents mentioned therein, as provided on this office website www.pcdaopune.gov.in

Forward correct banker details along with copy of PAN and cancelled cheque (showing the name of the officer printed on the cheque leaf).

Form 16 is uploaded on this office website.  Please download it for your reference.

Separate communication to be made with IT Cell of this office @ 02026401238

Authentic data regarding revised rate of ignorable pension has been called for from PCDA(P), Allahabad. The cases for which data has been received, calculation of rank pay arrears is in process.

LPC is being re-examined with reference to revision of pay. Further communication may please be awaited.

Difference of arrears on leave encashment is already included in rank pay arrears amount, wherever applicable.  Please reconcile the details of rank pay arrears.

Interest has been paid @ 6% of total arrears wef 01/01/2006.  In case of retirement after 01/01/2006, interest calculated as per reducing balance method on the arrears accrued after 01/01/2006.

Refund may please be claimed from Income Tax Deptt. based on the Form 16 issued by this office.

Rank Pay Arrears are admissible only to those officers who were In receipt of rank pay wef 1/1/86 and the rank pay element was deducted from total emoluments while fixing the pay.

These credits pertain to the interest on difference of Leave Encashment, paid along with Rank Pay Arrears.

Online publication of Part II Orders Through HRMS 2.0

HRMS 2.0

HRMS 2.0 ( Human Resource Management System 2.0) is a web based software which automates all 'A' functions at unit level including HR, Legal Accounts and Office Management

The HR Module of the software provides features to publish Part II orders for officers. DO Part II generated using HRMS 2.0 undergo a series of validation checks for preventing publication of wrong DO Part II orders by the units.

Publication of part II orders through HRMS 2.0 is mandatory, in order to be accepted by PCDA (O).

There are e-Tutorials provided on the HRMS website (Army Web) which provide step by step procedure to learn any feature of the software. These tutorials are self explanatory and can be used to learn all the software functions.

HRMS 2.0 has been designed to provide a user friendly and interactive platform which will assist officers in publication of part II orders with minimal knowledge of documentation. The officer can draft and publish his part II orders with the help of sample formats available in the software.

HRMS 2.0 provides a feature to export Part II orders in XML format which can be sent as a soft copy to all agencies as per the distribution list by uploading the same through Central Utility Application available on Army Data Network.

Once DO Part II orders are published, the same are uploaded by the officer as per the following procedure:-

  1. Uploading to Central Utility Application. The XML output of DO Part II, generated by HRMS 2.0 is to be uploaded online using Army Intranet through the Central Utility Application hosted on the Army Data Network.
  2. Forwarding of Data to PCDA(O). The part-II Orders in soft form will be sent from Central Utility Application through a Data Transfer Cell to PCDA (O) within 24 hours of uploading by the units. This eliminates postal losses/delays.


The process is as under:-

(a)     Processing by PCDA(O). The DO Part II is checked for observations by the automation sys of PCDA(O) and further processed by concerned section for technical vetting and clearance. This eliminates all delays and inaccuracies during manual feeding of data which was in use hitherto fore.

(b)     Acknowledgment/Observations. The SULEKHA software of PCDA(O) generates acknowledgements and observations with reasons for rejection of DO Part II (if any), which will be available through Central Utility Application login.

The above FAQs are equally applicable for officers posted to Project DANTAK claiming BCA and also posted to Hqrs 756 BRTF, Myanmar claiming Myanmar Compensatory Allowance.