Selected Place of Residence (SPR)

Selected Place of Residence (SPR)

Officers posted to Field/ concessional areas are permitted to retain family accommodation at the old duty station or to move the family at selected place of residence (SPR).

  1. SPR is a selected place of residence anywhere in India where a married Officer desires to move his family, baggage and car on his field posting.

  2. SPR may be his hometown, any SF accommodation station or any selected station in India.

  3. Married Officer has to declare SPR within two months from date of posting. The period can be extended for one month with the permission of Station Commander.

  4. SPR has to be declared in a prescribed format (.pdf format available for downloading) and to reach PCDA (O) in duplicate.

  5. If SPR is not declared within time, the old duty station becomes SPR for that field posting.

  6. SPR once opted is final and even for genuine reasons also, it cannot be changed with or without permission of CO/OC unit or Station Commander.

  7. Officer is entitled for conveyance of baggage, car and family to SPR at Government cost on field posting.

  8. Officer can move his family, baggage and car to duty station in field only on allotment of Government accommodation. It may be from old duty station to the duty station in field area on allotment of Government accommodation. If the Government accommodation is allotted after the Officer's shifting of family and baggage to his SPR, the one-time concession is also admissible to shift the family and baggage from SPR to duty station in field at Government cost under Rule 85 A TR.

  9. If he moves his family to duty station in field, with or without sanction of CO/OC unit or Station Commander in anticipation of allotment of accommodation, he is not entitled to get conveyance of family, baggage, car to duty station in field. He is also not entitled to claim HRA for that station. Further, the LTC entitlement of family and conveyance of baggage, car and family on next posting will be restricted from the SPR earlier opted and not from duty station in field.

On your field posting, you have to declare your selected place of residence within 2 months period from date of posting. This period may be extended to three months with sanction of Station Commander. The information may reach PCDA (O) in prescribed format (format available in .pdf format for download). In your case, since you have not declared your SPR within prescribed period, your old duty station becomes your SPR. So now your claim for sending family and baggage to home town will not be admitted by PCDA (O).

Authority : SAO 10/S/86.

Travelling Allowances

TA/DA/LTC General

Your husband is a part of your family. He is entitled to all facilities given by the Govt to your family members provided he is not availing similar facilities from his Govt employer. There is no requirement to prove dependency; and there are no income criteria. However details of his job are required to be furnished.

Submission of boarding pass is a mandatory audit requirement to admit Travelling Allowance claims.  So, please obtain a ‘Travel Certificate’ from the concerned Airlines indicating the travel details, like name of passenger, date of journey, class of accommodation, Seat no., amount paid etc. and submit to PCDA (O) and resubmit the claim.

Yes, you will get cancellation charges in full, if the tickets were for official duty, i.e. permanent posting or Temporary Duty. Tatkal charges are also admissible as well. You have to attach a certificate under TR 44(A) or TR 44(B) depending on Train /Air Journey. The certificate should state that the journey was cancelled due to official reason, and be signed by your controlling authority.

No, the amount will not be automatically recovered from your salary. You should immediately refund the amount in form of MRO in favour of PCDA (O) Pune only (MRO Code of PCDA (O) is 4021000009).  In fact, if you don't refund this amount immediately, it will be recovered with penal interest.


Change of home address can be made only once in a service time. This being an administrative issue, you may refer service HQrs through your staff channel, for detail procedure and orders.

Appendix D to AO 22/02 and Appx E to SAO 4/S/88

In case of Official duties, if DTS tickets are cancelled due to exigencies of services, you have to submit the claim for reimbursement of cancelletion charges along with sanction of competent authority under TR 44(b). Reimbursement of cancelletion charges is not admissible under LTC.

Advances starting with Id No FB… are advances generated due to booking of DTS tickets. Booking of tickets through DTS portal is also a type of advance and Officer has submit the claim for the same within prescribed time limit, failing which it will also attract penal interest  provisions.

DTS Amount for which claim has already been submitted will not be recovered from the pay of the officer. You have to just inform your ‘T’ section Officer to link those DTS tickets with the claim. This happens for the reason that sometimes DTS data for tickets booked, is received belatedly after receipt of your claim, so it remains unlinked while processing the claim.

Air Travel

No, Please remember tickets booked through unauthorized agents cannot be reimbursed.    The tickets are to be booked through website or Offices of Indian Airlines or through authorized agents i.e.  M/S Balmer Lawrie  and  Co Ltd., M/S Ashoka Travels  and  Tours Ltd or IRCTC.    In case any blanket sanction of MoCA for the sectors where Air India does not operate or you have obtained the sanction of IFA to travel by Private Airlines (Airlines other than Air India) the tickets can booked from the website/Offices of the concerned airlines also. 

All Commissioned Officers (including MNS Officers) of Indian Army are entitled to travel by Air. The exception is that the Officers joining first duty station after commission shall travel on warrant as per Rule 64 of TR 2014 Edition.

Auth.:  GoI MoD letter No. 12630/Mov/C/242/D(Mov)17 dt. 15/09/2017.

No. Officers should buy cheapest economy ticket available on date of booking. Reimbursement of full fare ticket, when Officers avail companion ticket at additional cost, is not admissible in audit.

 DOPT letter No. F No.G-14019/2/13-Cash dt. 07/10/2014.

No. Journey up to that station to be performed by authorized mode and class of accommodation. Fare of private airlines is not admissible.

Re-imbursement of airfare lower than the LTC 80 airfare of Air India will be admissible for journey performed by Air India under LTC provided purchase of ticket is through agents / website authorized by Govt.

Yes, Officers and their family can travel by private airlines to J and K on LTC as per Govt. Orders issued from time to time and at present it is valid upto 25/09/2020. Please make sure that tickets are to be booked through Govt authorized agents only. The above concession is admissible to visit J and K and not for the officers posted in J and K. 

No. Officers serving in North East Region only are permitted to travel by private airlines on temporary duty or permanent move.

On official as well as LTC travel, journey by Air India is mandatory. There is no comparison of fare between Indian Airlines and other Airlines. You have to buy the cheapest fare ticket for same flight of Indian airlines. Travel by private airlines is admissible provided relaxation sanction from PIFA /IFA (only SAG and above) is accorded or the specified sectors where Govt relaxation to travel by Private Airlines is permitted.

Consequent on implementation of 6th CPC orders, the Officers of all rank are entitled to travel by air on duty journey and LTC by economy class. Officer’s entitlement on permanent duty is from old duty station to new duty station via direct shortest route. Therefore in case of field posting, the Officer is entitled for air fare from old duty station to new duty station and family is entitled for air fare from old duty station to SPR, if all other conditions are fulfilled.

  1. Rule 177(A) TR: - Officer and his /her family and dependent  parents can visit hometown (from duty station) every year. This concession is available to the dependent parents, even if they are staying at station other than the duty station of the Officer.

  2. Rule 177(B):- Officer, Spouse  and  children can visit anywhere in India (from duty station) every alternate year. But during that year Officer and Spouse  and  children have to visit the same destination (hometown or anywhere in India) in a particular year, under this clause.    If Spouse  and  children visits the Officer to his duty station in field, by availing LTC under Rule 177B, the Officer loses his entitlement of 177B. The concession is available only to the Officer, spouse and children and not to the dependent parents etc. In case, the Officer and Spouse  and  children avail LTC under Rule 177B TR, they cannot visit hometown in same calendar year under Rule 177(A) TR.

  3. Rule 177C:-    Married Officer posted to field/operational area can visit their family at SPR/Hometown, where the family is actually residing.   This concession is admissible to the Officer only  and  once in a year. 

  4. Rule 177D (study leave):-   

(a) (FOR OFFICER) The Officer can avail LTC from the place of study leave to any place in India/Hometown/SPR, subject to the condition that the reimbursement will be limited to the fare admissible for travel between his HQ station (i.e. the last duty station) to any place in India/Hometown/SPR or actual expenditure whichever is less.



  1. When the family members are staying with the service Officer at the place of study leave, the reimbursement will be as indicated at (a) above.

  2. When not staying at the place of study leave, LTC may be allowed from place of residence up to hometown/SPR/place of visit and back subject to the condition that the claim will be restricted to direct and shortest route from duty station (i.e. last duty station) to the declared place of visit as the case may be.


  1. Under Rule 177C and by using facility of additional warrant, the Officer posted in field/operational areas can visit his SPR twice  in a year, but in that case Officer will lose his entitlement  under Rule177A TR (Home town)

  2. An unmarried Officer posted in field also is entitled to visit Hometown using facility of additional warrant.   Thus he can visit his hometown twice (once under Rule 177(A) and then under Rule 177C TR)

  3. If the Officer posted in field/concessional area as well as his family decides to go to some another place under Rule 177B, in this case the Officer has to start his journey from his duty station, while the family starts from hometown /SPR.

Return journey of the family under LTC should be completed within 6 months from onward journey.

LTC (Leave Travel Concession)

No, they cannot, Parents of Officer staying with or away from the Officer are entitled to visit only hometown from duty station under Rule 177 (A) TR.

No. LTC under Rule 177 (B) TR is admissible only to spouse and children of the Officer.

Travelling charges for travelling within city limits are not admissible under LTC. LTC covers fare and ONLY fare between the SPR/duty station and the leave-destination.

No. Though the child studying in hostel can get LTC to duty station/SPR, this concession under Rule 177 TR and not in addition to LTC under Rule 177 (A) or (B) TR.     Only one LTC can be availed in a calendar year.

No. Though it will be treated as LTC under TR Rule 177(A) (iii).  It will not affect your eligibility to travelling concession (LTC) under 177(A) or 177(B).

LTC of family will be admitted under Rule 177 (B) TR, if otherwise admissible and title of LTC of the Officer will lapse. His title for additional warrant on LTC to visit SPR/Home town will remain intact

Yes, except the year in which LTC under 177(B) availed.

Authority : Rule 177A(i)(a)

In fact you made a mistake by not mentioning this last portion of your journey in your claim itself. Even though you could not claim or get anything for this last portion of your journey, you should have shown this journey clearly in your contingent bill. For LTC you should now resubmit your claim showing journey details up to home town with the clarification.

No. You cannot. Actually you have availed Hometown LTC by visiting hometown on Government expenses.     Hence no additional LTC is admissible.       Only one LTC can be availed in a calendar year.

Actually, you have to start your journey from your duty station i.e. Delhi, and travel directly (shortest route) to the declared leave station i.e. Port Blair.    

No, Railway warrant under 177B is not admissible for the Officer's family. However fare paid for your family's journey as per your entitlement by authorized mode of conveyance from New Delhi to Nainital will be reimbursed by this Office. 

No, you can't travel by taxi even on shared basis. You can travel only by public transport that in this case will be bus run by state / central transport.

Authority:-  Rule 176(e) iii  TR

No, On LTC you can't travel by any bus, being private vehicle, run by private operators.

Authority: - Rule 176(e) iii TR

LTC is admissible only after completion of one year of service.

 Authority :-  Rule 177A(i)(a)

An Officer can claim one way fare under Rule 177(B) TR for his newly married wife for her journey from his home town to the peace station where the Officer is serving, provided, the officer has not availed LTC under 177A or 177B. No reimbursement is admissible for baggage/scooter or car conveyed by the wife.  The above provisions are equally applicable to the Officers serving in field/modified area and allotted Govt. Married accommodation consequent on marriage.

Authority :- Rule 177B(i)(a) Note(f)(1) 

Yes. Your family can avail LTC, under 177-B TR, to visit your Duty Station, but your title under 177 (B) TR will lapse.

Yes. LTC is authorized during casual leave. 

Yes, you can avail LTC to visit Portblair in lieu of Home Town.  At present the concession is admissible upto 26/09/2020.

You can send upto 5900 kg baggage and Vehicle to your Hometown and you can carry 100kg baggage on warrant up to your duty station.(Total entitlement 6000kg baggage only)

Authority: GoI MoD letter No. 12630/TA/DA/Mov C/13/D (Mov)18 dt. 18/04/2018.

As per TR Rule 177(D), an Officer on study leave is entitled to avail LTC to anywhere within India OR to hometown, subject to the condition that the reimbursement will be limited to fare admissible for travel between last duty station to any place in India/hometown or actual expenditure whichever is less.

Authority : Rule 177(D) TR

No, you have to submit 2 separate claims i.e. first for LTC and second for Pt Move:-

  1. LTC claim under Rule 177(A) TR:-  For the journey from Jammu (Old duty station) to Chennai(Hometown).

Pt move claim under Rule 67 TR:- For the journey from Chennai (Hometown) to Mumbai (New duty station).

Permanent Move and CTG


By Train/Steamer

By Road

12 and above

6000 kg by goods train/4 wheeler wagon/1 double container

Rs. 50/- per km

10 to 11

6000 kg by goods train/4 wheeler wagon/1 single container

Rs. 50/- per km

      Uniform rate of Rs 50/- per Km is applicable irrespective of class of city.

Authority: GoI, MoD letter No. 12630/Mov C/242/D (Mov)/2017 dated 15th September 2017.

RMA is admissible at the rate of originating station, notified by RTO and published in Station Order by Station HQrs.  In case your claim is restricted by PCDA (O) to pre-revised rates, Officers may in their own interest take up the matter with respective Station Headquarters through their staff channels for publishing the Station Order for revised rates as per latest   notified rates by the RTO.

You are entitled to travelling allowance from your academy/hometown to your first duty station and free conveyance of baggage upto 225Kgs (Including 55 Kgs from the training unit/establishment/IN Ship establishment if so availed of) on warrant from home to the station to which permanently posted.

Authority: Rule 64 (a) (i) and Rule 64(c).

You can transport up to 6000 Kg + your vehicle from your old duty to new duty station.

Authority: Rule 61-A TR  and  GoI, MoD letter No. 12630/Mov C/242/D (Mov)/2017 dated 15th September 2017.

Yes, you will get fare for yourself, subject to submission of- (1) NAC for the time-point of your joining the new duty station, (2) allotment of accommodation letter.

Authority: -  Rule 67 TR  and  GoI, MoD letter No. 12630/TA/DA/Mov C/3003/D (Mov)/2006 dated 16/10/2006.

‘Same station/city’ means area falling within the jurisdiction of the Municipality or Corporation, including such of Suburban Municipalities, notified areas, or Cantonments which are contiguous to the above named municipalities and within the limits of Urban Agglomeration.

Irrespective of field or peace posting, Officers are entitled for 80% of last month’s Basic pay except when move is within same station or within 20Kms. In case Officer posted to and from the Island territories of Andaman Nicobar  and  Lakshadweep, CTG shall be paid at the rate of 100% of last month’s basic pay.  

Authority:- GoI, MoD letter No. 12630/Mov C/242/D (Mov)/2017 dated 15th September 2017.

No, Officer's family can proceed or follow the Officer provided that the journey is undertaken within six (6) months from the date of Officer’s move on permanent duty. In special cases, competent authority may give sanction under Rule 16(ii)(h) TR up to a period of one year, if he is satisfied that the circumstances are such as to justify the concession.

Rule 16(ii) h TR

Yes, it is based on weight of Car, if car has been transported by loading on Truck.

i.e.   Weight of Car X Distance X Rs.50/-    =      XXXXX

                      6000 KG

No, you can't claim separately. Though both of you can claim, aggregate entitlement remains restricted to 6000Kg. However each can claim for transportation of his/her car separately.

Authority:-  Rule 82 (a)  and  (b) TR.

No. NPA and MSP shall not form as part of basic pay while determining entitlement for CTG wef.01/07/2017.The entitlement of CTG is as under:-

  1. The CTG shall be paid at the rate of 80% of the last month’s basic pay only.   

  2. In case Officer posted to and from the Island territories of Andaman Nicobar  and  Lakshadweep, CTG shall be paid at the rate of 100% of last month’s basic pay. 

  3. For local transfer at a distance of less than 20 Kms between both the units.   One third of 80% of the last month’s Basic pay is the entitlement, provided a change of residence is actually involved and subject to submission of vacation report, occupation report and allotment letter of new accommodation at same station.


For both serving Officers:-

  1. In cases where the transfer of husband and wife takes place within six months, but after 60 days of the transfer of the spouse, fifty percent of the transfer grant on transfer shall be allowed to the spouse transferred later.

  2. No transfer grant shall be admissible to the spouse transferred later, in case both the transfers are ordered within 60 days.

  3. Full transfer shall be allowed, if the spouse transferred after a period of six months or more.


Deputation to UN Mission as MILOBs:-

CTG will be admitted only if the Officer is posted to another station than the one he/she earlier left from, for the UN mission on deputation.


Deputation to UN Mission as Staff Officer (SO) and Contingent Personnel of Armed Forces Troops:-

If the GSL received duly notifying deputation period of one year, CTG to be admitted at the time of Officer proceeding to UN, without waiting for confirmation regarding completion of one year tenure at UN mission.    However, if an Officer comes back to India before completion of one year, CTG admitted will be recovered.

No, only TA is entitled and up to 225 Kgs baggage on warrant entitled on initial re-employment posting. 

Authority: -  Rule 64 TR.

Yes, but at your own risk only.   If the posting order got changed or cancelled subsequently, compensation or conveyance for journey of the family will not be admissible.   However, competent authority, if satisfied that the Officer did not   dispatch baggage unduly in advance of his own move as originally ordered, can sanction refund  of baggage charges as per  entitlement,   where change or cancellation of move is involved on administrative ground.

Rule 16(ii) g TR

Temporary Duty Move

You will get only one way fare up to/from the TD station. However if you prefix/suffix CL to your TD, your fare entitlement doesn't get affected.

Authority : Rule 150 (i)  and (ii) TR

No. The family can visit you on Govt expenses, only when your course is 90 days or more. Your family should start journey only either from your duty station or from your SPR, as the case may be.

Authority : Rule 124(iv) TR

Min. of civil aviation has issued relaxation sanction for journey on temporary duty/permanent move due to exigencies of work, in sector Delhi-Leh-Delhi. However, Officers may preferably avail the services of Indian airlines in this sector.    Further, for journey on official duties, separate sanction of ministry of civil aviation is not required but certificate of non-availability of flights from Indian airlines may be enclosed with the claim. This relaxation is not available for LTC.

Yes.  It is reimbursable.

Authority :-  MoF,  DoE  OM No. 19030/2/2017-E.IV dt. 29/06/2018.

TA/DA on TDs for attending functions of raising day etc. is not admissible for reimbursement.

The basic audit requirement here is as to whether any public interest has been served when journey performed by own vehicle while proceeding on Ty. Duty.    The claim is admissible only when proper sanction of competent authority i.e. GOC-in-C Command is accorded for the same.       

For claiming RMA for the places connected by Rail, the basic audit requirement is as to whether any public interest has been served by travelling in own car. The RMA is admissible only when the sanction of competent authority i.e. GOC –in-C Command or the competent authority to whom power has been delegated to accorded for the same.

Authority:- Rule 40 Note 2  TR.

Consequent on implementation of VII CPC orders, the concept of reimbursement of food bill has been done away with, no bills/vouchers are required for food charges. 

Authority:- GoI, MoD letter No. 12630/Mov C/242/D (Mov)/2017 dated 15th September 2017.

Yes, it is on the basis of length of absence from HQrs:-

  1. If the absence from HQrs is below 6 hours = 30% of lump sum food bill amount is payable.

  2. If the absence from HQrs is between 6 -12 hours = 70% of lump sum food bill amount is payable.

  3. If the absence from HQrs is above 12 hours = 100% of lump sum food bill amount is payable

Authority:- GoI, MoD letter No. 12630/Mov C/242/D (Mov)/2017 dated 15th September 2017.

The entitlement of food charges is admissible as per pay level in pay matrix:-

  1. For pay matrix 10, 10A, 10B and 11 Rs. 900/- per day

  2. For pay matrix 12, 12A, 12B 13 13A and 13B Rs. 1000/- per day

  3. For pay matrix 14 and above Rs. 1200 per day

Authority:- GoI, MoD letter No. 12630/Mov C/242/D (Mov)/2017 dated 15th September 2017.

Only conveyance (Travelling Allowance) is entitled.However, if Army Officers are called to New Delhi for appearing in Language Aptitude Tests conducted for selection of the Officer to be detailed on Language Courses will be entitled to TA and DA at the normal rates as prescribed for TD.

Authority : Rule 124 TR

Ration Money Allowance

Ration Money Allowance

No. Ration money claims are to be submitted to concerned Regional CDA only.

The above FAQs are equally applicable for officers posted to Project DANTAK claiming BCA and also posted to Hqrs 756 BRTF, Myanmar claiming Myanmar Compensatory Allowance.