Dr. Nirupama Kajla, IDAS, PCDA(O) has been awarded Chief of Army Staff Commendation on the occasion of Army Day-2021 Shri T Satish Kumar, IDAS,, ACDA has been awarded Chief of Army Staff Commendation on the occasion of Army Day-2021 Message From PCDA (O) dated 28.05.2020 Utility for opting New Income tax Regime Module for claiming advance for Special Cash Package equivalent in lieu of LTC is now available. Important Notice : Personal Visits to PCDA(O) are temporarily suspended. CONTRIBUTION OF ONE DAY SALARY TO PM-CARES FUND e-Patrika: Kaustubh -2019 Transmission of HRMS Part II Orders through OASIS Software


  Message From PCDA (O) dated 28.05.2020   Dr.Nirupama Kajla, IDAS has taken over as PCDA(Officers) on 02.03.2020.   Message No 02/2021 : Grant of Advance - Special Festival Package to Govt. Servants   Message No 01/2021 : Training Allowance Message 19/2020: Reimbursement of “Transit Accommodation/ Guest Room Accommodation Charges” to Defence Services Personnel during the temporary stay in State Bhawan/Guest Houses/Departmental Guest Houses Run by Central Govt./State Govt./Autonomous.....   Message No 18/2020 : Special cash package equivalent in lieu of Leave Travel Concession Fare for Armed Forces Personnel - Covid-19   Message No. 17/2020: Date of Next Increment after Promotion / Upgradation.   Message No. 15/2020 : Sanction for ‘OP RHINO’   GRANT OF TECHNICAL ALLOWANCE (TIER I & II) W.E.F. 01 APR 2018   Message No. 14/2020 : Grant of Highly Active Field Area (HAFA) Allowance   CONTRIBUTION OF ONE DAY SALARY TO PM-CARES FUND   Message No. 10/2020 : SUBMISSION OF GRIEVANCES/ QUERIES OF ARMY OFFICERS DURING LOCKDOWN   Message No. 13/2020 :Utility for opting New Income-tax Regime   Migration to Goods and Service Tax (GST) on PLI premium   Message No. 09/2020 : TRANSMISSION OF HRMS PART II ORDERS THROUGH OASIS SOFTWARE   Vigilance Awareness Week   List of Taxable Elements of Pay   Message No. 11/2020 : Rates of Road Mileage Allowance for Vadodara   Form 16 for Rank Pay Cases- FY (2018-19)   Message No. 02/2020 : Restoration of Ration in kind.   Anomaly in Pay due to belated submission of option certificates.   Launch of website OASIS on ADN   Citizen Charter   Message No. 01/2020 : Liberalization of provisions for drawal of advance/ withdrawals from the Funds by the subscribers - regarding.   Pay revision consequent on Bunching of Pay Stages as per 7th CPC Orders   Advisory to Officers on rejection of payments by bankers   Form 16 (For Officers Retired From 1st Feb.2019 to 30th Apr.2020)   Adjustment of Air Fares of Tickets booked through DTS   Caution : Malicious E-mails/Phone Calls   While submitting Temporary Duty Claim, Detention Certificate may please be forwarded as per the new format promulgated vide QMGs Branch Policy letter No. 43012/Guest Rooms/LW&E/Qtr dt. 12th December 2018.   Grant of Technical Allowance (Tier I & Tier II) w.e.f. 01 Apr 2018   Time limit for submission of claims for Travelling Allowance under Rule 17-A Travel Regulation (2014 Edition) in respect of Army Officers   Submission of Boarding Passes with Air Travel Bills   Permanent Duty Move: Separate advance for self and for family   SoA is now available on e-mail Army Officers may please utilize e-MRO portal of SBI on https://cmp.onlinesbi.com/MOD/home.htm for all types of Defence remittances in favour of PCDA (Officers) Pune. A link is available on the website of PCDA (O) also. Name of Depositor, Mobile No......   IVRS has been launched by COAS. Please dial 18002332593 (toll free) or 020-26407000(PRI) Nos. to know your salary details,dsop withdrawal status,claim status etc. Click to view documentation of IVRS.   Govt. orders for Revision of Bhutan Compensatory Allowance w.e.f. 01/04/2016.   Transmission of HRMS Part II Orders through OASIS Software   Important Message on Income Tax Rebate   Correct filling of e-MRO   Frequently Observed Shortcomings in TA/DA Claims   Commonly noted observations on T-Warrants : Check list   PCDA(O) , Pune - Office Expenditure :2020-21   Grant of permission for travelling in private Airlines Other than Air India.   HRA at revised rates wherever classification of the city revised : procedure   Procedure:Ex-India Claims in respect of Army Officers   Tracking of Pension Document-list updated on 11-01-2021

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Statement of Account for the month December 2020 has been uploaded.

Form 16 for the Financial Year 2019-20( Assessment Year 2020-21) has been uploaded.

Module for claiming advance for Special Cash Package equivalent in lieu of LTC is now available.

Form 16 for Financial Year 2019-20( Assessment Year 2020-21), for Officers Retired from 1st Feb.2019 to 30 Apr 2020 has been uploaded and made available in SPOTLIGHT Area under heading "Form 16 (For Officers Retired from 1st Feb.2019 to 30th Apr.2020)"

DSOP Fund Annual Statement for Financial Year 2019-20 has been uploaded.

Check List for Permanent Duty Claim

Check List for LTC Claim

Check List for Temporary Duty Claim

To ensure complete digitization, and to achieve cashless system, all Officers are requested to book air tickets through Defence Travel System DTS, while performing journeys for Temporary Duty / Permanent Duty / Leave Travel Concession (LTC), available on pcdatravel.gov.in through your unit login. This would also lead to faster processing of TA/DA/LTC claims.

Officers are requested to enclose cancelled Cheque / copy of blank Cheque along with Appendix 'A' to AO 24/2005 while notifying change of Bankers. Previous bankers should be closed only after the credit of salary in new bankers.

As per provisions of Note 4 under Rule 114-A TR "Officers may preferably stay in Circuit houses, Messes, Government Guest Houses, Inspection Bungalows etc., if they are available." Further in the light of QMG's instruction issued vide letter No. 43012/GR/LW &E/Qtr, dt. 22.03.2018 and letter No. 43012/Guest Rooms/LW&E/Qtr, dt. 13.04.2018 this Office requires Non-Availability of Govt. Accommodation Certificate for Temporary Duty moves. All Officers to note that Temporary Duty claims, wherein Officers are staying in hotels, must be supported with Certificate regarding Non Availability of Accommodation (NAC) issued by concerned Station HQrs / Cat 'A'/'B' institutions. NACs obtained from units at Temporary Duty Stations would not suffice the audit requirement. Temporary Duty Claims wherein Officer(s) staying in Hotels will not be admitted without Non Availability Certificate from Station HQrs / Cat 'A' / 'B' institution.

Submission of Aadhar No. is mandatory for notification of PPO. Please ensure submission of Aadhar No along with pension documents.

Officers claiming interest on Home Loan have to provide the Name and PAN of the Lender immediately to this Office for claiming rebate on the same

PAN numbers may invariably be incorporated on Pay Claims. PAN numbers of TA Officers embodied under Rule 21A and under Rule 33 may be furnished on priority.

Part II Orders published without the SUS No. will not be accepted in audit with effect from 01st June 2016.

Officers are requested to send TA/DA Requisitions through website

Officers are requested to send DSOP FW/TW claims by post / online link made available. Fax copies are not acceptable in audit.

This Office is not sending any e-mail replies to Army Officers who are not registered with NIC or Gov.

Journey dates as shown while drawing TA/DA advance and submitting final claim have been found to be in variance of more than 15 days in many cases. In these cases, Officers are advised to give proper reasoning certificate duly signed by the CO of the unit to avoid rejection of the claim or unlinking of outstanding TA/DA advances.

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