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Defence Department Account

Instructions for filling Declaration Forms

SUB: Computation of Income Tax
  1. Declaration format Given may be filled by you and submitted before 30.06.2014  
  2. Under the computerised system, monthly calculation of Income Tax is based on pay details held with the office and also on the declaration of savings submitted by the officer. The timely submission of this declaration as well as furnishing of proof of savings will facilitate CDA(O) in regulating the recovery of Income Tax.  
  3. The CDA(O) needs the proof of savings for determining the actual IT. recoverable and recover the same before the closure of financial year(i.e. salary bill for February payable in March). In view of the above it should be ensured by the officer that investment as per declaration is made and proofs are forwarded to this office by 30th November 2014. Computation of tax on the basis of actual proof submitted will commence from December 2014 Pay Accounts.  
  4. As per sub para(x),(xi) of para 5 and sub para (x) of para 6 of Finance Act Number 2 of 1991, the Drawing and disbursing Officer should satisfy themselves about the actual deposits/or payments made by the employees, by calling for such particulars/information before allowing the deduction at source.  
  5. In cases, where the officers do not furnish proof of savings as per the declaration made by them, their names will be communicated to Administrative Authorities for necessary action. The officers will also have to pay penalty under IT. Act for not paying IT. due, as it is the responsibility of the Assessee to pay the Income Tax correctly.  
  6. Filling of IT. Return with G.H.Q.I.T.O. is compulsory under the I.T. Act.  
  7. Officers eligible for IT. Exemption under section 80 U/80 DD of the IT. Act are requested to obtain necessary medical certificate from competent medical authorities and furnish the same to this office separately to claim rebate at source.  
  8. Officers in receipt of HRA/HRR and claiming IT relate on account of the same, should forward original rent receipts alongwith proof of savings  
  9. Any correspondence in connection with allotment of permanent Account Number (PAN) and acknowledgment for the return filed should be addressed to G.H.Q.I.T.O., office of the CDA(O) Golibar Maidan, Pune-411 001.  


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