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1) For prompt response officers are advised to send the
grievances from their website account instead of their email-id.
Important Message on TA/DA, LTC adjustment claims
List of LPC issued to PCDA(P) Allahabad (Rank Pay Cases)
Revised Rank Pay Due Drawn (AHQ) 13/01/2014
Form-16 Rank Pay Cases
List of officers (Rank Pay Cases) having INVALID PAN/NO PAN. The Officers are advised to verify and send a XEROX Copy of PAN Card addressed to SS Audit Section Ledger Wing of this Office.
Regarding TDS certificate for FY 2012-13 for Rank Pay arrears
Advt..Spl.attn. of retired army officers/NOK
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Outstanding Demands On Short Recovery of TDS for F. Y. 2008-09,2009-10,2010-11,2011-12. 21/03/2014.
Conditions for re-exercise of option.10/03/2014
Sanction has been accorded vide GoI, MoD, New Delhi letter No. 8(3)/91/D(Pay/Services) dated 07/02/2014 for grant of concessions mentioned in MoD letter of even No. dated 10/01/92 read with MoD letter No. 37269/CI/AG/PS-3(a)/121/D(Pay/Services) dated 14/01/1994 for a further period of 6 months w.e.f. 15/12/2013 to 14/06/2014 or till the termination of 'Op Rhino', whichever is earlier.06/03/2014
Sanction has been accorded vide GoI, MoD, New Delhi letter No. 8(1)/97/d(Pay/Services) dated 07/02/2014 for grant of concessions mentioned in MoD letter of even No. dated 3rd June 1997 for a further period of 6 months w.e.f. 01/01/2014 to 30/06/2014 or till the termination of 'Op Hifazat', whichever is earlier.06/03/2014
From Feb 2014, where IRLA's are closed with debit balance for any reason, DSOP Fund subscription will be reduced to the extent of debit balace subject to a minimum subcription of 6% of basic pay. 25/02/2014
In cases of deputation to civil department, PSUs, Coast Guard, Foreign Missions, etc and on Secondment to Navy/Air Force, the officers will have to forward MRO to this office for amount of over issue of pay & allowance due to late receipt of intimation. This office will issue LPC to the borrowing departments/organizations only after liquidation of the debit balance in the IRLA of the officer.
The procedure of remittance of TA/DA and LTC adjustment claim amount to officer's bankers has been discontinued. Henceforth the bills processed up to 15th of the month will be credited in the salary of that month and Bills processed after 15th of the month will be adjusted in the subsequent month's salary. 20/02/2014
This office is crediting the amount in the IRLA in respect of Ex-India claims after receipt of the Payment Authority from PCDA (HQrs) New Delhi. 20/02/2014
This office is not dealing with the claims on account of reimbursement for the cost of Brifcase, as such enquiries on this account are unwarranted.
Documents required on Superannuation 07/04/2014.
payment of interest on DSOP/AFPP Fund Accumulation for period exceeding six months.
While registering the complaint / grievance on officers (serving/retired) are requested to submit the PCDA(O) Account No. (e.g. 99/999/999999X), Personel No, Rank and Name of the Officer, so that this office can locate respective section and take the corrective action on complaint/grievance.
While submitting requisitions on permanent move, temporary duty and LTC etc., the officer to quote invariably movement order No. & date of permanent move & temporary duty and leave sanction letter No. & date for LTC as an authority, being mandatory key field. The same authority will also to be quoted in adjustment claim for said move. In case of any deviation, PCDA (O) will not be in a position to link it through system and make timely adjustment. 27/12/13
"Officers are requested to submit the TADA/LTC claims against advances drawn within stipulated time. In case five or more advances are outstanding, requisition for fresh advance will be rejected by this office. Only in extreme circumstances duly justified by the Competent Authority, sixth or subsequent advance will be admitted". 06/12/13
"Orders for reduction in qualifying service for grant of acting promotion under SAI 1/S/74, AI 85/74 and AO 329/69 i.e. in peace areas as well as under relaxed condition to officers of various corps have been received and are applicable from 27/04/12 i.e. date of issue of Govt orders. Units may resubmit the Part II Orders for affected officers where the promotions have not been adjusted, pending receipt of the orders ". 06/12/13
Procedure to be followed for drawing advances online when officers are traveling abroad. 28/11/13
Prevention of sexual harrassment of working women at the place of Work.181113
Attached list of incorrect PAN Card No in r/o REGULAR Officers. Officers are requested to verify the same and forward XEROX Copy of PAN Card addressed to "SS Audit Ledger Wing Section" of this office. 07112013
Attached list of incorrect PAN Card No in r/o RETIRED Officers. Officers are requested to verify the same and forward XEROX Copy of PAN Card addressed to "SS Audit Ledger Wing Section" of this office. 07112013
As per the directions issued by GOI Mof (Department of Expenditure) vide OM No.19024/a/2013-E0IV dated 10-102-13, officers may obtain Air Ticket directly from Air India/Airlines (booking counters/offices/website). Only when obtaining tickets directly from Air India/Airlines is not possible, should the services of authorised travel agents by availed of.06112013
Officer may submit a copy of Vacation Report / Handing over Report of a Government Accommodation for regularization of Rent and Allied charges, pending receipt of the same from concerned AAOBSO. 041113
Government Sanction for extending the payment of HAFA allowance for the period from 1st January, 2013 to 31st December, 2013 has been received. Units/Formations may publish Part-II orders as per the status of location, quoting Corps Notification No. and date, Serial Number and requisite certificate therein, in respect of affected officers.
Air Tickets
Admittance of pay on grant of substantive promotion:
Processing of Part II Orders:
MNS officers in service as on 1-1-1986 in the rank of Captain to Brigadier are not covered for revision of pay as per Supreme Court order dated 4-9-2012 on the rank pay matters, since rank pay was not admissible to MNS officers along with the integrated pay scale as per IV CPC Orders.
Rank Pay affected Officers are requested to resubmit their bank details with correct IFSC code and Core Banking Accout Number
Restriction-TA/DA and LTC requisions
Govt orders for grant of SCCIA for OP Rhino have been received upto 14/12/2013. Units/Formations may publish part II orders for entitled officers accordingly.
Monthly Recovery of Income Tax
Air Tickets from Private/Unrecognized Travel Agent
Regarding OP HIFAZAT-Counter Insurgency Operations
Stoppage of online CHANGE OF BANKERS utility
Regarding Form-16, officers are advised to contact the concerned Ledger Wing Sction/Officer for any query/doubt
Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court (RANK PAY CASE) Judgement dated 04/09/2012
A. Non -availability of Bank Account Details: (Rank Pay Cases)
A (i)... Rank Pay bank detail profoma
B. Non -availability of Records (IRLAs) : (Rank Pay Cases)
C. In case any officer who does not come in the above categories and who has still not got the Rank Pay arrears may also immediately contact Director MP 5 & 6 at 011- 26106329 or AAG MP 5 & 6 at 011-26195669.
1. Payment released (cases in which data is received from Army Headquarter)
2. Other important information related to rank pay case decision implementation
3 Petitioners' cases (Rank Pay arrears)
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