1)                 Service Officers are entitled to LTC while proceeding on any authorized leave. Officers of all ranks may perform journey by air on LTC by economy class with fare restricted to LTC 80 scheme for sectors covered therein. The various types of Leave travel Concessions admissible to officers under various rules are as under:-

Present block for LTC : 2009-2010

Home town LTC under Rule 177(A)TR.

i)      With effect from 20-08-07 officers and the dependant family members are entitled to free warrant to visit HomeTown/SPR in India once every year.

ii) Officer’s family has got independent title to avail LTC but their return journey should be completed within six months from the date of onward journey.

iii) Officer may visit old duty station instead of hometown in case family is residing at old duty station due to non availability of accommodation in the new duty station.

iv)  With effect from 01 Sep 08, parents / step parents wholly dependent on officer are included in the definition of family for LTC purposes, irrespective of whether residing with officer or not.

v)   Income limit for dependency purpose will be Rs.3500/- per month as per SPC orders.

LTC to visit any station in  India under Rule 177(B) TR.

i)      With effect from 20-08-07 Service Personnel are entitled to visit any station in India in lieu of Home town/SPR without distance restriction, every alternate year.

ii) Similar concession is also admissible to wife and dependant children to visit the same station to which the officer visits.  Journey is required to be performed on cash and officer has to claim the entitled fare.  Family has got independent title but their return journey should be completed within six months from the date of onward journey.

LTC to visit Hill Station under Rule 179 TR

Road conveyance is admissible to visit hill stations mentioned in Rule 179 TR.  The Officer and his wife and children are entitled to LTC under rule 177(B) TR for the journey up to the rail head nearest to the hill station.

LTC under Rule 177(C)

Officers who are serving with units/formations in receipt of field service concession are entitled to concessions under Rule 177(A), 177(B) or free warrant to visit SPR/home town where family is residing once every year.  If the concession to visit SPR is availed of by the officer, the family’s title under rule 177(B) lapses.      

In the event  of the family visiting the duty station of the officer, under Rule 177(B) TR, the officer has to forego one title of free warrant.

With effect from 20 Aug 07, an additional railway warrant has been allowed to all ranks of officers serving in Field/ High Altitude/Counter Insurgency/Counter Terrorism operational areas to and from their duty station and Home Town/SPR to meet their families independent of the first LTC authorised to them under Rule 177(A), Rule 177(B) or Rule 177(C) TR.

LTC under rule 177(D) TR

Officers who are on study leave are entitled to LTC under Rule 177 A or B TR.  However their title will be limited to the fare admissible between last duty station and hometown/place of visit.  Family members also have similar title as applicable to officer.

LTC under Rule 180 TR

Army Aviation officers who are on the posted strength of the Air Observation Post Flights Squadrons and who are engaged on regular flying duties against authorised vacancies involving regular flying are entitled to free warrant for journey up to a total distance of 1600 kms for the onward and return journey.  This is in addition to the entitlement that is admissible under Rule 177 A or B TR.

LTC to Nursing Officers

Nursing officers are entitled to LTC as admissible to other commissioned officers with the modification that Nursing officers are entitled to Form G instead of Form D when they intend to avail LTC  under Rule 177(B) TR.

Entitlement of Form D and Form G

Service officers when traveling by rail on leave at their own expense can use Form D (IAFT-1709A) to travel by entitled class.  This form will not be used for journeys during week ends/closed holidays unless these are combined with or covered by leave duly sanctioned.

Total number of Forms D admissible to the officer, his wife/husband and dependent children will be six one way journey forms in a calendar year.  Officer’s dependent parents, sisters and minor brothers who are residing with officer can use two of these six one-way journey forms.

Nursing officers of Military Nursing Service are entitled to use Form G instead of Form D when traveling by rail at their own expenses in entitled class.  Total number of Form G admissible will be six one way forms in a calendar year.  

Husband & dependant family members of MNS officers are entitled to Form D and not Form G, provided further that maximum number of Form D and G together does not exceed six in a calendar year.

LTC to MNS (Local) Officers

Officers of MNS (Local) are entitled to LTC as applicable to other Central Govt. servant, i.e. Hometown LTC once in a block of two years and All India LTC once in a Block of 4 years.

Orders regarding revised entitlements of TA/DA/LTC in respect of MNS officers are awaited.